May 29, 2020

CNN is about CNN, always.

CNN reporter gets arrested live on CNN.  It almost seems staged to me.  I agree with Tim in this video reporting should not lead to arrests - that's a terrible precedent.  But I do have some questions.

Firstly the arrest looks like a primer on how to get arrested - as in instruction for protesters. I'm not saying CNN is creating an instructional video for protesters but it sure could be taken that way.  

Secondly there's a political aspect to the arrest - see how bad president Trump is?  Orange Man Bad.  He's having protesters arrested.  Never mind the fact that the president has nothing to do with the arrest.  Never mind that it's CNN making the story about CNN.  Never mind that it's sensationalism.  That's not to say the arrest is not newsworthy but this is CNN being about CNN and CNN trying to make it about social justice warrior, to serve CNN.

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