March 18, 2020

Social Distancing is really, really stupid

Let me be clear,  I think like Survivorman Les Stroud, that following guidelines on behavioral changes are a good idea. Cover your moth with the crook of your elbow when you cough.  Wash your hands.  Do not congregate and avoid interacting.  All good ideas.  But social distancing is a stupid term.  It sounds like it was fabricated by the same people who fabricated the term social justice.

Anything with the word social in front of it is virtue signalling.  Justice is justice, social as an adjective is meaningless.  Distancing is distancing, social as an adjective adds no value to the term. Social responsibility is just responsibility.  Notice there's no term "social common sense"? That's because the people coming up with these terms are SJW types and they are co-opting the language to both feel important and innovative and to hijack the national conversation to serve their own ends.

What's ironic is that the term was probably invented by a millennial type who is part of a generation that through the likes of Facebook and Twitter have been inadvertently socially distancing themselves for a decade already.

I for one refuse to use the term. 

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