July 10, 2019

Impeach-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer enters presidential race

Tom Steyer is enviro-crazy and depending on how he runs his campaign, I can foresee the potential for scorched earth primaries on the Democrat side.  I imagine he might jump in as a favorite (not necessarily in polling, but in odds because of what he will spend to win).

He will be excoriated by other Democrat hopefuls because as the race progresses his position and odds of winning will improve.  They have to go after him right away, and I suspect for the most part, they will.  What's interesting is whether he wins or loses there will be fallout.  If he wins, will his opponents support him after what is likely to be a slugfest of a personal campaign.  If he loses, will he continue to throw his money behind beating president Trump.  He may not because if he is torched by Kamala Harris and she wins, would he want to support her?  He seems like a narcissistic personality and that would mean, no.

It's gonna be fun to watch the whole process.

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