November 1, 2018

Democrats are political opportunists, not leaders

Democrats have changed their tune on immigration as the situation warrants. They'll say they're nuanced.  They'll say they've evolved on the issue.  Call it what they will, it's nothing more than political opportunism. 

It's nothing more than P.T. Barnum politics - taking advantage of the gullibility of suckers.  That's the situation, what they perceive as a gullible electorate, and a chance to pick up votes.

It's not about compassion, it's about nothing more than getting, and keeping power.

This is the same playbook as they followed for climate change.  What they are doing is following the winds of change by trying to win votes based on the prevailing wind. It's not consistent and it's not leadership, in fact it's the  opposite.  Give them credit for political shrewdness, it's worked for decades, even though it's finally falling apart now.  Leadership is different than political shrewdness.  Leadership is seeing what the country needs, and driving towards it.  That is what president Trump is doing.  I have not seen the same sort of visionary leadership in my lifetime except for Ronald Reagan, who faced different issues, but tackled them in the same way as president Trump - he applied 'unpopular' but common sense solutions that worked in the end.

Kudos to president Trump for showing leadership on this issue; it's about fixing broken regulation and the rule of law, nothing less. He sees the bigger picture and immigration is just one piece of the puzzle.

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