February 15, 2018

Thoughts on the Florida school shooting and gun issue

Yesterday there was a mass shooting in a Florida High School.  Of course there is going to be an angry uproar about gun control.   Today Rush Limbaugh is talking about different states trying different solutions, which is a position I have always taken -- from anything from taxation, to schools to any other issue or problem.  50 different attempts to solve a problem are more likely to find a single solution than imposing a federal solution on all 50 states.  Why wouldn't you want 50 different chances to solve a problem instead of 1.  With 1 you need 100% success, with 50 attempts by 50 states you only need a 2% success rate which can then be replicated in other states.


These tragedies continue to happen, and if the Republicans are to not look like knee-jerk second amendment reactionaries, they need to propose a solution as an alternative to gun control.  Just leaving it to the states appears to be an endorsement of the status quo, which is unacceptable on both a political and moral level.  Americans rightly do not want children to continue being killed by mindless violence.  States' rights is not the entire answer.  Even if it does work, it does not work right away, and in this day and age, the expectation for everything is NOW. Do it now, take my order now, deliver my package now.  That's reality.

I have not thought about this long enough to propose a solution, but I will, every other conservative should do so too.  That's part of the 50 state solution scaled up to millions of thinkers.  If that doesn't work in this instance, we maybe don't deserve a nation endowed with states' rights.

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