July 5, 2017

CNN under fire (again) for bully tactics

The video of Donald Trump fighting Vince MacMahon in an old WWE wrestling show that had resurfaced with a CNN logo superimposed over Vince McMahon's face. President Trump retweeted the video clip and CNN and other media went ballistic claiming it was inciting violence against the media.  Clearly they don't understand what a metaphor is.  Even more clearly, CNN is not above bullying the video's creator.

Via Circa;
CNN made a move of their own during the Fourth of July, revealing that they had discovered the identity of the Reddit user responsible for the GIF's creation...

The user posted an apology to the network, saying that he mainly posted controversial images to get a rise out of other users. In a report on the user, CNN said that it had decided against publishing the user's identity, but should any more hateful content come from the account, that they reserved the right to do so in the future.

It's that last part that many online have an issue with. Twitter and Reddit users have criticized the company, saying that it is targeting a private citizen, leading #CNNBlackmail to trend on Twitter.
This is why CNN keeps losing - the don't get that everything they do is not only hypocritical and wrong, but that they are turning people against CNN by their own actions. If they keep it up, the backlash will continue.  And you know CNN is going to keep it up because they firmly believe that they are the good guys and the good guys are allowed to do anything.

On another front, CNN actually took issue with president Trump trying to help a terminally ill child in Great Britain. No, really.

Way to politicize the life of an infant CNN. That will help your cause.

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