July 25, 2017

Baby steps, right?

It was a nail biter, with vice president Pence needed to break the tie, but the Republicans in the Senate passed a measure to allow debate on the repeal of Obamacare.  
WASHINGTON—Senate Republicans overcame a range of internal fissures in narrowly voting on Tuesday to begin debate on their health-care overhaul, but GOP senators said they recognized they still must resolve the thorny policy disagreements that have stymied them for months.
Not exactly a full blown repeal and replace but baby steps are better than no steps. Right?  Right? Let's keep telling ourselves that.  But only for a week.  

What should come next is Mitch McConnell strong arming or offering deals to senators Collins and Murkowski.  The Democrats did it shamelessly with Obamacare and look what happened - it passed.  As disgusting as it is to reward the obstinate hold-outs, right now it has to be done to secure their votes. By all means they should be primaried but this is hard ball politics and you have to do what you need to do to win, and win now (not next year).  Make a deal with them and then cut them loose.

That's what Mitch McConnell needs to do. If he doesn't get this done, he's not leadership material because getting it done - now - is all that matters. Being a brilliant tactician is not what the senate needs or what America needs.  What America needs in the senate is someone who gets things done.  Maybe the senate needs a Donald Trump.  McConnell has made a baby step, let's hope he takes more steps right away.

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