April 27, 2017

This protest brought to you by Comcast

We all knew it: The anti-Trump protests are astroturf, bought and paid for by George Soros, who owns, among many other companies, Comcast.   The challenging thing is that those who favor the protests, don't care.

Via the Washington Post.
Little evidence exists to back the claim that significant numbers of protesters are paid, or, for that matter, that any significant number of workers seeking a union are “salts.” However, the allegations that even one participant is paid immediately calls into question the legitimacy of a cause. Behind these accusation is the idea that social movements should be entirely spontaneous, volunteer-driven, and untarnished by the exchange of money. Anything else would betray a lack of moral purity and reveal ulterior motives. And although successful protest movements rarely if ever succeed without an investment of resources, we create simplified mythologies that perpetuate these ideas of monetarily immaculate conception.
Citing Politifact as a source for 'little evidence' (as the link in the above paragraph does)  is itself laughable. 'Goebbels says Hitler is a good guy'. Great, I guess I was wrong about Hitler then. That issue aside, the mere admission that it does exist, validates that those various publications claiming that it does, are not insane, but have valid concerns.  As the left always, always claims when a whiff of conservative misdeeds exists, the mere existence of the claim merits serious consideration (like with the unicorn-y Trump-Russia connection).  There will be no double standard here. So WaPo, you are now guilty by your defense of the astroturfers by your discounting of factual evidence because it is politically inconvenient.  At least you had the decency to like to Breitbart and National Review in your distasteful defense of duplicitous political behavior that liberals clearly condone and deny exists.

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