April 7, 2017

Strikes on Syria

Forget the politics of congressional authorization - that debate can come later - striking Syria is the right thing to do after Syria used chemical weapons on its own people.  it was the right thing to do in 2012 when president Obama drew a red line, Syria crossed it and president Obama did exactly nothing.  President Trump
...ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to be launched at the al-Shayrat airfield in Syria, the base from where Syria launched a horrific sarin gas attack earlier this week.

The critics and proponents of intervention in Syria have already started reciting their talking points, but it's worth pausing for a moment.

It's significant that Trump changed his views quickly on Syria following the gas attack. Early reports are that some aircraft and runways were destroyed. But for now this act is mainly symbolic; it sends a message but won't change much on the battlefield.
 President Trump understands full well the disgusting use of chemical weapons in Syria and understands what the right thing to do was respond. 

This should allay some of those histrionics on the left about Trump working with Russia after the two parties are clearly on opposite sides on the Syria issue.  The two nations will be at loggerheads on Syria for the foreseeable future.

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