August 2, 2016

Trump Tuesday

I'm going to begin a new feature from now through November in hopes of helping in what modest way I can, to (1) defeat Hillary Clinton and a future liberal SCOTUS that will destroy America and (2) elect Donald Trump along with a team of conservatives that will re-shape government and shake up a lethargic, seemingly disinterested GOP into becoming more responsive to the American people.

Trump is an imperfect messenger for the latter message, and an imperfect candidate.  But make no mistake, the choice is between pretty good and dreadful this election, and that choice should be a no-brainer.
I'm going to start by simply sharing a post earlier this week from Hugh Hewitt that bears a read:
...That restraint will be gone when HRC's first appointee is sworn in. Finished.

This is not hyperbole. I have the advantage of having taught Con Law for 20 years, of having argued before very liberal appellate judges like Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the very liberal Ninth Circuit, of practicing with the best litigators in the land, and I know what a very liberal SCOTUS means: conservatism is done. It cannot survive a strong-willed liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Every issue, EVERY issue, will end up there, and the legislatures' judgments will matter not a bit.
I urge you to read the entire thing, as Hewitt makes the case against Clinton but also for Trump that many really need to consider.

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