August 14, 2016

Sunday Linkaround

A few good reads for Sunday.

Pundit Press provides a brief synopsis of recent devopments in the race for the White House.

Common Cents shares a strong Tump SuperPAC ad.

A few weeks ago I missed a good post from Telemachus reviewing the Obama dismal economic record.

It's Above the Law Week at Legal Insurrection  - a good summary of questionable legality and law enforcement views in the DNC and the Hillary Clinton camp.

Commonsense and Wonder reminds us that Turkey is still marching towards a dictatorship.  Obama is still ignoring it.

The view from Blue Eye, MO and Tablerock Lake (one of the few blogs around with a name ridiculously longer than mine), shares a strong indictment of Hillary Clinton from...Huma Abedin of all people.

Conservative Perspective - the Orwellian dystopia we live in.

Wizbang points out the nose holding among many Clinton voters.  I'd like to add the following observation. Either they are more willing to hold their noses than unhappy conservatives (who seemed more eager to do so for McCain and Romney) and Hillary will indeed win in a landslide and/or it will be one of the lowest election participation rates in history.

PJ Media reminds us of the time Clinton falsely accused Trump of working for ISIS.

The Strata-Sphere had a live update of the primary election to unseat speaker Paul Ryan.  He may be reading a little too negatively into the results re: the populist support for Trump.  Ryan, despite his misgivings about Trump at least did endorse him. Mildly. But more importantly the battle for Ryan's seat, may be just that - specifically the battle for Ryan's seat.  The implications for the White House are much more likely secondary to ensuring the GOP still hold that seat after the election. An untested candidate may create a vulnerability.

Bluegrass Pundit shares the latest Trump ad on Hillary.

Self Evident Truths has an interesting analysis on tailgate driving and the political implications of how people view it.

Defeat Obama Toons shares insights on the DNC Khan job speech.

Bob J's Rants talks about Muslim students walking out on the Australian national anthem.

Fredd says (mockingly) "It's not ransom"

Left Coast Resistance has a funny picture about the Democratic ticket.

Back in July, former conservative and now who-knows-what (sellout?) George Will set out the path ahead for Hillary Clinton. What?  Will correctly points out that America has not elected an angry candidate to be president since Andrew Jackson. That's true.  But if you aren't angry about what distortions Democrats have inflicted on America and its Constitution, are you really a Republican or a conservative.  To eschew Trump for Hillary is to give in on your beliefs.  It's EVEN WORSE than holding your nose and voting for Trump because you are guaranteeing a liberal Supreme Court for a generation which will destroy what remaining threads hold the current reality of America to the Constitution.

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