August 30, 2016

Obamacare's long slow fail

Every day insurance providers are closing up shop in states. More and more people are not able to keep their plan, or their doctor, as president Obama AND every single Democrat promised. Costs are skyrocketing for the insured. A long slow collapse that started DAY 1, is really picking up steam now.
At the heart of the problem for Obamacare is that insurers are leaving the program en masse. Part of it has to do with the failure of the risk corridor to adequately protect money-losing insurers, while the dynamics of Obamacare are driving other insurers to the sidelines.

For instance, of the 23 healthcare cooperatives approved by Obamacare, 16 have announced that they're closing their doors this year. Healthcare cooperatives are low-cost, consumer-focused options, but practically all co-ops have been losing money. The risk corridor was expected to protect insurers that priced their premiums too low, but a mere $362 million of the $2.87 billion requested was paid out. There are too few overly profitable insurers, so the risk corridor simply didn't get enough funding, dooming more than two-thirds of the low-cost co-ops to failure -- and more co-op closures could be on the way.
But that's exactly what Democrats wanted all along: A full-fledged, socialist, single-payer health care system, devoid of innovation and teeming with bureaucratic decisioning on who gets what treatment (in its most extreme form - death panels). And anyone who gets in the way can be damned.

Trusting what a Democrat tells you is like standing in front of a bull and facing the wrong way: There's a lot of bull coming at you and it's not inclined to stop.  So not paying attention is the worst thing you can do.

Some of us saw this all along.  We jumped, shouted and pointed at facts.  It's tempting to say 'we told you so'.  Very, very, very tempting.

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