January 14, 2016

Should conservatives worry about Bernie Sanders?


The reason Bernie Sanders is a preferable Democrat nominee to Hillary Clinton as for as conservative voters are concerned, is because he cannot win.  Of course people thought that about Barack Obama and he won anyway.  I remember thinking that about Bill Clinton and he won anyway.  

But Bernie's different.  Barack Obama pretended he wasn't a socialist, and Bill Clinton pretended to be whatever he thought voters wanted him to be.  Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist.  If I were the Democrats, I'd be asking whether we really wanted him in the party.  That's how far left the Democrat party has slipped.  They are the radicals.

And that's my point.  Every single argument Bernie makes practically only need be countered with the word "socialist" and a big arrow pointing at him.  He offers Republicans a massive tactical advantage in that way.  America is a center right country. Still.  Yes the center has moved left.  But even if America is center left, the first word is center.  Other than a big chunk of the under 25 crowd, America is not ready for a socialist leader, or socialism.  It's a losing proposition as a candidate.

And if I'm wrong, the country is so far gone, it doesn't matter anymore.

So on that basis I say "Go Bernie". Can't wait to see you in the general election, no matter who the GOP candidate is.

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  1. "And if I'm wrong, the country is so far gone, it doesn't matter anymore." Sums it up nicely. Dems are faced with a Morton's Fork: a choice between a lying harridan, that no one likes or trusts, and a guy less electable than Michael Dukakis.


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