January 9, 2016

More Google Crap

I'm not sure about the whole Google/Blogger connection.  I mean, I thought I was, but today I went into Blogger to try to write a post.  I was confronted with an interception saying I had an inappropriate or incomplete Google+ profile.   The same profile I have had for years.

I followed the link to Google+ to see what the issue was.  There was some Marketing post on my Google+ page on December 17th that I do not remember re-posting or +1ing or linking to on my profile. I certainly did not post it myself. So I deleted it to be safe.  I checked all of my profile settings - they seemed okay, but I made a couple of minor changes.

I still could not get into my Blogger account.  

I did notice a couple of things - my Google+ profile has had over 3 million views. That shocked me.  What's worse is that those were wasted views in large part no doubt because my Blogger posts, my primary outlet for my thoughts/ideas hasn't posted anything to Google+ since 2013. And what's worse, is that it was posting only from my secondary, less frequently used blog.

Suddenly after of dozens of identical repeated attempts (trying to prove my insanity I suppose), I achieved a different result.  I got in (as you can see,  because I'm posting this).

Now I'm left wondering - did I fix the problem?  Did I do something wrong?  If so, what? There was ZERO indication of what change/update was required.  And if there was something wrong, was it because of a complaint?

One thing I am not wondering - whether I like Google+ and Blogger.  I don't.  Irritants like this have popped up before. While I'm kind of locked in on using the Blogger platform, I'm frequently unhappy, unimpressed, and uninspired.

Way to go Google.

P.S. If anyone knows how to adjust Google+ feeds, please leave an explanation in the comments. I'd really appreciate a basic understanding.

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