January 16, 2016

Followers, Profiles, Google+, Google Takeout and frustration

A few days ago I was complaining about Blogger/Google and their foolish Google+ profile issue.  It went away but has returned intermittently.  But in trying to resolve the situation I came across an interesting finding.

I had also been asking for my followers to share my blog so that I could get up over 100 followers.  Sad for 7+ years into this blog.  But I had forgotten I had 2 Google+ profiles.  One for Nonsensible Shoes and one for Dean L.  My blog posts get published to Google+ under my Nonsensible Shoes profile.  It has 4 followers, and it stopped adding the posts in 2013 for some reason.

My Dean L profile has 237 followers and over 3 million views. Holy crap.  I publish nothing there from this blog.  Am I an idiot or what?!?

So I looked up how to merge the two profiles into one. Google has one. Needless to say, it's a Byzantine process and ridiculously more complex than it should be.  That's my way of saying I have not done so, successfully yet.  I'm embroiled in something called Google Takeout. Ugh.  I have a lot of technical experience but this is just confounding, draining, patience-trying and not fun.

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