November 2, 2015

D-bag says what?

The CNBC moderator of the GOP debate took a swipe at Republicans after the debate according to The Hill.
CNBC anchor John Harwood took a shot at Republicans who accused him of asking unfair questions at the GOP’s third presidential debate on Wednesday night.

Harwood said in a tweet on Thursday that co-moderating the unruly debate gave him an appreciation for Republican leadership in the House trying to maintain party unity in a divided caucus.
Pretending to be the adult in the room is an absolute fail when anyone who watched that debate could not fail to see Ted Cruz's point that the moderators were anything but impartial. Shame on you John Harwood for trying to defend the indefensible by attacking yet again.

Just a note that if I'm not mistaken this is the first time I've ever resorted to an insult, which I've done in the title. I hereby retract the insult because it does not add anything to the discourse.  However, I will not retract the sentiment behind it.

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