November 13, 2015

Boycott WatchMojo, eyes on

Earlier I suggested a boycott of the Youtube channel, WatchMojo because of their fluff piece in support of Bernie Sanders.  I suggested they do not deserve our eyes on their content.  But maybe they deserve our eyes on them.

WatchMojo is a Canadian-based, privately held video content production company, founded by three co-founders, the primary of whom seems to be Ashkan Karbasfrooshan (who had this to say about Republicans - scroll to the comments section to see).  He's also had some disparaging things to say about Veteran's Day on his Facebook page and judging by the undertone of his comments, he seems taken by the notion that America is a warmongering country.

There's no doubt on which side of the political spectrum his loyalty lies.  Take a look at his Twitter feed.  Here are some examples;

And this,

And this,

Look, Ashcan Ashkan is entitled to his opinions, and he is freely entitled to share them. I am entitled to not listen and knowing what I now know about his politics, I will choose to not watch WatchMojo going forward.

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