July 2, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash Bonus - Digging Dirt on Bernie

A bonus Thursday Hillary Bash today, thanks to a Drudge headline.

In politics it's normal to dig dirt on your opponents. It's probably normal to want to keep it quiet. But apparently Team Hillary is not only doing it on Bernie Sanders, and not only wanting to keep it quiet, they are doing the latter not...very...well:
...Asked if Team O'Malley had dispatched Flannel Man and Stripy to Burlington, campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said, "We have not, and they are not affiliated with our campaign."

But wait! Here's a clue: That T-shirt Flannel Man was wearing? It read, "New Hampshire for Jeanne Shaheen."

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton absorbed much of Shaheen's political operation to run her Granite State campaign: state director Mike Vlacich, senior political aide Kari Thurman and spokesman Harrell Kirstein.

Asked if Flannel Man and Stripy belonged to Team Clinton, Kirstein did not respond.

Welcome to Burlington, Hillary. Next time, tell your people to leave their Shaheen shirts at home.
 Way to go Team Flannel. 

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