July 1, 2015

David Axel-liar!

David Axelrod, apparently lied when he had this to say about not knowing aboutHillary Clinton's personal emailserver:

That's because he was emailing her on it.
...Tuesday night’s massive dump of State Department emails shows that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was exchanging emails with another man also named David Axelrod. It must be a different guy, because the one warning about the “email trap” didn’t know anything about Clinton’s private email server and personal email address.


  1. That's funny but I bet his response is not that far off: "How am I supposed to know what server her email was on?"

    Stupidity is not a defense, but really what matters in the end is that Hillary Clinton knew, not what Axelrod did or did not know. Axelrod isn't important in the big picture, complicit as he clearly was.


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