July 8, 2015

Conservative media, please get all over this

In San Francisco, illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez , who had been deported five times, shot and killed a young woman.  His public defender is blaming gun control.  The sheriff is backing San Francisco's sanctuary city approach to immigration.

It's not about guns.  It's about illegal immigration vs. legal immigration and it's about the wild west sanctuary cities that feel they can supersede federal law.

And it's about Hillary Clinton and her ilk hijacking the dialogue with a simple agreement that this is terrible and then jumping off onto their own agenda-driven talking points about immigration, or gun control.

We should be up in arms protesting sanctuary cities. We should double down on legal immigration not illegal immigration. This unfortunate event proves our points. It's tailor made for us as an issue.  We can stop this from happening again or at least as often if we can enact our agenda. We should be all over this .

So far, we're not.

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