July 15, 2015

Che Guevara, car decal

This morning driving into work, I came across a BMW with one of those window decals that so many people seem to have these days.  You know the ones I'm talking about - the family members.  A father, mother, 2 daughters and a dog.  Except this one was different.  Instead of a white decal, it was a black silhouette of Che Guevara.  Have we really fallen this far?  A murderer's visage is appearing not only on t-shirts worn by hipster dufuses, who have no idea that they are sporting the face of a ruthless terrorist thug's face as part of their personal ensemble (or identity), but now some business guy in an expensive foreign car is tacitly supporting communist thuggery or else is too clued out to understand that is exactly what they are doing?

That's truly disappointing. Western society has lost touch with its sense. Che, for some reason is charismatic to many people.  How superficial. If Adolph Hitler had been a handsome dude, would current day hipsters thinks it was cool to sport Hitler t-shirts, or would his image be a window decal on a BMW now? That would be ironic since it's a German car. Nevertheless, the only difference between Che and Hitler, is that the latter was able to create a more monstrous volume of death. Both the far left socialists have blood on their hands, Hitler just had more. That aside, Che was more handsome.  That and a counter-culture reputation apparently makes him the more t-shirt-or-car-window-decal-worthy of the two monsters.  

Neither should be idolized or become a piece of fashion or a car decal. Sad.

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