April 20, 2015

Is Obama anti-Christian?

I know a lot of people who think Obama has an anti-Christian agenda. Some even think he's pro-Muslim.  Personally I don't buy it.  I think he's a secularist, who used Christianity (not very effectively considering his choice in pastors) as a cloak during his campaign to help win the election.  That doesn't mean he won't do things to subvert Christianity whenever possible, but I don't believe it's a major thrust of his agenda, which is socialist in nature.

But I don't want to be dismissive of those who believe he's got a different agenda, because for all of us, it's speculation. so in the spirit of open discussion let me post something for your consideration.

Here, no less than Alfonzo Rachel ruminates on Obama's seemingly pro-Muslimness.


  1. I'm not saying he is Anti-christian per say. however, we do know as a fact he has been steeped in a deep hard core Russian style socialist upbringing. As it is known that those beliefs include a Godless Society, it only makes sense to feel he is in fact if nothing else, anti religious as I do feel he deeply believes in that doctrine

  2. It's harder and harder to refute that line of thinking Joseph. I've argued for a long time that he's driven by a political doctrine and not an anti-religious one (specifically anti-Christian). But to your point, traditional socialism has a strong anti-religious bent. So it makes sense.

    I've also argued that he's not anti-American, just terribly misguided and not all that smart. That too gets harder to justify year after year just because of his actions. I'm not interested in defending his action, just trying to understand what his motivations are. Regardless of his motivations however, the outcome of so many of his actions are clearly anti-American in their results.


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