September 4, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - She's Not O.

Why fear that Hillary Clinton could still take it all in 2016? Here's one reason. Her biggest strength is that she's not Obama.

This about sums it up:
Hillary’s greatest strength as a would-be nominee isn’t her name recognition or her trailblazing appeal as the first woman president or her many, many, many Washington contacts. It’s the fact that, uniquely among Democrats, she can run on the record of a more successful Democratic president than Obama. No matter how bad things get for O over the next two years, Hillary has Bill’s economic record available to distance her from all of it. In fact, within limits, the worse things get for Obama, the better it is for Hillary since it’ll make the Clinton years look that much rosier by comparison.
But neither will the Republican nominee be Obama. If she wins the Democrat nomination, or if Warren does for that matter (or even Biden), the GOP's primary goal in defining their opponent must be that the nominee is a clone of Obama and will continue the same malaise inducing policies. They must paint their nominee in contrast to that portrayal as a ray of hope, as knowing what will work to fix the once great nation of America that finds itself wanting today.

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