July 3, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - This is the end (not)

Derailing the Hillary Clinton machine that represents her run for the presidency in 2016 is something conservatives would love to do. While it's certainly not a fait-accomplis, it's something that has garnered quite a bit of headway over the last month.  It's also something that she herself has been doing far more effectively than conservatives lately.  Standing back and chronicling the self-destruction is the best thing conservatives can do.

Having been ridiculously busy the past month and having been blessed with failing computers and ailing internet connectivity, I haven't been keeping up with Hillary's self-destruction.  Thankfully, these people have been.

Hot Air exposed Hillary's dishonesty in the Hobby Lobby case.

And did you know that she's been so busy raising money for her presidential run that she's not going to be in the United States for the Fourth of July?  BizPacReview did.

Even the Washington Post is printing stories about Hillary's political woes these days.  Granted Rubin is a conservative, but the fact that this sort of thing is not only being published, but also noticed is kind of a big deal coming from a liberal news organization.

Meanwhile the fundraising continues.  Hillary has been noted as having taken some high paying gigs to talk at schools while students attending those schools continue to struggle with massive student loan debts.  Even students have begun to take note of it.  Hillary. Is. Out. Of. Touch.  If you are losing Politico, as a liberal, you are in trouble.

And even CNN has a report that Hillary Clinton may have violated attorney-client privilege as noted in her recent book. And with a criminal client to boot.

Yet with all of this going on, Clinton still hs her defenders.  And with it, she is busy amassing a large war chest.  She's still the favorite to win, make no mistake.  So the more paper-cuts she applies to herself the better for every other contender, Republican or Democrat.

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