July 22, 2014

The (White) House of the Unbelievable

The White House has become so wrapped up in their spin that they are now even having trouble convincing the liberal media that they have a coherent story about the president's focus on matters of real national importance rather than say fundraising for Democrats or vacationing.  And the unbelievable versions of 'the truth' they keep forwarding on Benghazi, or the continuing IRS scandal, or the immigration problem, Gaza or Russia just don't seem to make any sense or have any coherence let alone any level of believability.

Read the links and tell me you can still find believability in the is president and his team.

You think they'd learn to shut up like they have on the targeting of Christians in the Middle East when even the U.N. responded to that one.  But they just can't seem to do that when it comes to trying to make themselves look good.  The irony is that the outcomes are 180 degrees the polar opposite of their intentions as the truth trickles out anyway.  Unbelievable.

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