July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby Fallout?

The Supreme Court of the United States in a ruling in the case of Hobby Lobby, has once again pointed out the over reach of the Obama administration, whose philosophy seems to be that you have the freedom to believe anything you want, as long as you agree with whatever liberal dogma suggests.
Hobby Lobby stunner: Supreme Court issues long-awaited ruling in birth-control dispute: The government cannot require closely held corporations to insure birth control in company health plans if it violates their religious beliefs, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The 5-to-4 decision in the “Hobby Lobby” case is a political blow to the Obama administration, which had allowed nonprofit groups to avoid direct responsibility for Obamacare’s contraception mandate but held firm against for-profit owners who complained and filed suit.
The Hobby Lobby ruling does not mean that women who work for companies who disagree with some contraception methods based on their religious beliefs are now going to go without coverage that they may want.  It means only that those "closely held" companies cannot be forced to provide health care coverage that offers something contrary to their religious beliefs.  But that does not mean these women will need to go without coverage. It means that the government, the ACA (Obamcare), will have to fund it itself.

Closely held corporations represent 90|% of American companies and employ 52% of the U.S. workforce.  In other words, this is a major blow to Obamacare and one of their perceived core constituencies, women. 

 This represents a huge opportunity for Hillary Clinton, who has had to do virtually nothing to be perceived as a champion of women's rights.  It plays into the Democratic fictitious narrative of conservatives war on women.  It may even become a rallying point prior to the 2014 midterm elections, although that is far less likely - remote in fact.

In the bigger picture, it means that there will need to be a re-working of Obamacare in order for the administration to find a way to fund this promise.  It may play out as a push for single payer insurance.

It's too soon to tell exactly what the win for those opposed to Obamacare will turn into over time, but at a minimum, liberty from government tyranny has been defended in this instance.

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