July 17, 2014

Elizabeth Warren - rock star (not).

Earlier I posted about Hillary Clinton losing here cache with the progressive left - and that includes the Huffington Post, which has somehow successfully managed to pass itself off as the being in the center of the political spectrum.  As proof, take a look at this other recent post in the Huffington Post with the headline "Rock Star Elizabeth Warren".

The story links to the original Washington Post article which is somewhat more muted in it's assessment, though not entirely unfavorable:
SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. — Populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) got a rock-star reception during a standing-room-only campaign rally here Monday, as hundreds of liberal activists cheered her broadsides against corporate interests and voiced hopes that her presence might shift the political winds in an increasingly Republican state.
Here's a news flash for the progressive Huffington Post - 100s of supporters is not a Rock Star. A rally in an "increasingly Republican state" does not make her a Rock Star in that state. In short - she's not a rock star. Sorry. (But not really).

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