June 19, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - the book thing

I've missed a few Hillary Bash segments this month and it's been an inopportune time do so.  With Hillary having a new book out and on a tour ostensibly in support of that, there have been a lot of opportunities to bash her.

Firstly the book sales have been surprisingly weak. It actually isn't all that surprising.  There hasn't been a lot of clamor for a new Hillary book. Those on the left who want her to run just want her to run. Say you will Hillary and you might help your book sales.   Those of us on the right who want to see her put her foot in it, meanwhile, should have been clamoring for this book.

That's the second item worth mention- Hillary claimed after Bill Clinton left the White House they were broke.  That laughable lie follows a pattern of Hillary distorting the truth. Remember her story about flying into the former Yugoslavia under enemy fire?

She is a liar. She says things to fit her own narrative even if they are untrue.

Getting back to the book tour, she was in Toronto recently and roundly (in the media here at least) praised for her visit. But why here? And why get a free promotional appearance on a CNN "townhall"? If she us schilling her book that's a good enough reason. But she's raking in a lot of money. That is either destined for fundraising for her presidential run or she is pulling a Sarah Palin and cashing in on her celebrity while she can and she has no intention of running.  The difference in my opinion is that Palin really wasn't sure about her intentions at the time but with Hillary, run or not, she already has her mind made up.

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  1. I would never beat against a Clinton. They plan ahead. Their plan is always very solid for campaigning. 2016 is still a long way ahead.

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