June 11, 2014

Colossalizing failure in Afghanistan

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Far be it from me to point out a failure in foreign policy by this president (see what I did there?).   But it needs to be pointed out that in addition to the domestic downside of the prisoner exchange for a possible deserter or worse, and in addition to the negotiating with terrorists issue (and claiming the technicality that the Taliban are not terrorists), there is another reason that the prisoner exchange is a catastrophe in the making.
With the U.S. mission ending in Afghanistan, the timing of the release of 5 senior Taliban officials certainly helps the group's chances of retaking power in that country.  The timing couldn't be worse.  The president who claims that Afghanistan was the good war, may have a vested interest in seeing ultimate failure for Bush's wars. The decision to make this prisoner exchange was so bad that it has to be seen as a deliberate attempt to ensure Afghanistan returns to its pre-war state.

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