May 22, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - Odds & Ends she isn`t.
No time for a full on post today, but there are a few quick things concerning former first lady, ersatz senator, moribund Secretary of State and inevitable Democratic nominee for president in 2016, Hillary Clinton that merit a mention today.

With Chinese military officials being charged for industrial espionage in the U.S., do we really want a Clinton in the White House while China is on the march?

Liberal women are lining up to back Hillary Clinton for 2016.  Michigan`s Democratic senator Debbie Stabenow has re-endorsed Hillary for 2016.  Former spy Valerie Plame goes even further.  She thinks Hillary Clinton is  the next FDR - the ultimate liberal endorsement.  Women, you've received your marching orders - no need to bother thinking for yourselves. 

Meanwhile some liberals are asking for her to outline some actual positions.  Of course they want liberal positions.  But perhaps because liberals are not enamored  with the tabula rasa (blank slate) that they allowed Obama to run as in 2008, she will not get the same free pass then-candidate Obama got.  We can only hope.

Finally, Hillary Clinton is headed to my backyard - Toronto - next month for a speaking engagement related to her book (aka a fundraising opportunity no doubt).  Tickets are a modest $355 Canadian per seat.  I will be sure to miss that but if any news comes out of it, (1) I would be shocked  and (2) I will definitely keep you posted here.

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