May 13, 2014

A Post About Nothing

This is not a political, economic or socially-focused post.  It's more of a post about nothing.  In fact, it's about finding nothing worth posting about.  It seems like a slow news day to me.  There are of course things going on, but nothing so gripping that I feel motivated to blog about it today.  That's unfortunate - not that there's not enough impactful stuff to write about, that can be a very good thing, but rather that I'm not feeling motivated to write.

I attribute it to inertia.  When I'm blogging I'm energized to continue to do so.  When I'm not writing, it seems incredibly difficult to get motivated to start writing again.  This spring has been much of the former and only a little of the latter.  I'm sure as the midterm elections draw nearer I will be re-engaged, but hopefully it happens much sooner than that.

Frankly the reason I'm writing about this rather than the Marco Rubio's latest attempts to re-connect with the right, or tracking the on-going foibles of Hillary Clinton,  is to try to keep on posting on a day where my mind is clearly elsewhere.  Hopefully it helps.

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