February 6, 2014

Thursday Hillary Bash - I am not alone in this.

Every Thursday (almost), I've been posting a series called Thursday Hillary Bash, which outlines the Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy, from the perspective that she's exactly qualified to be president.  Of course that didn't stop the current White House resident, but that is all the more reason to capture and compile the reasons in one place (here) that she should not be the next POTUS.  Those reasons range from motives, to policies to political, to many others.  Happily, I have not been alone in posting about her flawed march towards the White House.

Here are some recent posts on Hillary Clinton from other bloggers that are worth reading today.

Legal Insurrection discussed the fact that Hillary Clinton is all machine, and no message.  Style over substance worked for Obama.  Have voters smartened up enough to see the same in her?

Conservative Black Chick 'lamented' the fall of both Clinton and Christie.

Conservative Blogs Central had an article about Clinton's sex scandals a couple of weeks ago.

Conservative Action Alerts raised the "gotcha" in Hillary's recent admission that her biggest regret is what happened in Benghazi.  Guess what Hillary, it's a pretty big regret for a lot of other people too.

Um...the Huffington Post discussed why Hillary might not be "IT" for the Democrats in lengthy detail.  Interesting read from the liberal perspective.  

Are We Aware Yet, recently reminded readers that Hillary Clinton is a wealth re-distributor just like Obama and electing her is simply a call for four more years.

Teri O'Brien wants you to know that Hillary Clinton is an embodiment of the Peter Principle (the notion that people get promoted until they reach their position of incompetence). Well, not exactly.  Teri O'Brien's take is that with every screw up, Hillary has moved up - something worse than the Peter Principle because she wasn't copetent at any level and was rewarded with promotions anyway.

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