February 12, 2014

Paul Ryan vs Boehner and Cantor

CAVE...Paul Ryan voted against a clean debt ceiling increase for Democrats in the Senate and White House to spend away.  John Boehner and Eric Cantor on the other hand, have conceded the fight. They are seemingly hoping for a temporary suspension of the label "obstructionist, do nothing Congress" in exchange for the free rein on debt for the most spendthrift cabal in the history of the world.

Obstructionism, in the face of driving the nation off of a fiscal cliff, is not a bad thing gentlemen.  And guess what - you won't get that suspension of labeling from the media anyway. And now you are going to be faced with some new labels from within your own party.  Think "capitulators", "turncoats" etc.

Call this vote a lose-lose for the GOP leadership.

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