February 26, 2014

Dude, are you serious?

The road to nowhere.
President Obama, failing to see the irony in his own actions, has let Republicans out of his trap.  That is, if he even realizes that he had set a trap for them yesterday.  I was quite sure the president wanted to get Republicans on record as opposing budget cuts with Hagel's crazy plan for military cuts earlier this week.  That, in order to prepare for the upcoming midterm elections by having the GOP say no to spending cuts that the GOP insists are necessary to save the republic.

But the president did not give Republicans a chance to vote down his proposed military cuts before he gave the GOP a way out of the trap today.
Just two days after the Pentagon outlined major cuts to the U.S. Army and other military programs, President Obama is calling for a whopping $300 billion commitment for America's roads, bridges and mass transit systems -- though as much as half comes from a tax plan that has bleak prospects on the Hill.

The president talked about the stimulus-style plan during a stop Wednesday afternoon in St. Paul, Minn. Officials say the money, as proposed, largely would come from "pro-growth business tax reform." But aside from the challenges in pushing tax reform, Obama could have a hard time making the sell when his military leaders, just days ago, were complaining about the budget crunch.
I was giving the president too much credit yesterday as a political machinations wizard.  He's just an ideologue, pure and simple.  He just wants less military, and instead more public works jobs that support unions, government spending and really aren't even all that necessary.

Besides the transparent liberal ideology, how exactly is Obama intending to sell this, when juxtaposed with his cutbacks to national defense at a time when that isn't exactly prudent? He isn't going to be successful no matter how hard he tries.  He fails to see the irony in his actions.  He's no political genius, except perhaps when it comes to getting elected (and even that is suspect).  The proof that his political skills are weak came today in the form of a 1-2 punch - the first to Republicans two days ago, today to his own face.  Laughable.

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