January 2, 2014

Happy Obamacare!

I'm back after a few days off resting.  I didn't watch much news, I didn't try to post and I didn't think about politics.  That's enough of that.  Happy Obamacare everyone!  

May 2014 be less of a nightmare for you than it very well could be.  I know I predicted that Obamacare would not be a complete meltdown for president Obama this year, but that doesn't mean that it still won't be a meltdown on it's own.  My point in making that prediction was that all of the political fallout for the president has already been baked into the president's approval rating by now.  Further problems, which are inevitable, will not impact the president's approval ratings beyond a few more percentage points at this point - no matter how bad it gets.  That's because the president will inevitably shift the blame or try to shift the attention of the electorate.  He'll go to his "Look over here" or "It's not my fault" moves.

But Obamacare will have problems.  Fox News has been predicting they will start to happen this week as people and doctors face the struggle of not knowing what coverage is in place, and cost changes.  I think those problems may be highlighted early on but they will take a while for a groundswell of issues is really noticed across the full electorate.

It is going to be an interesting year politically, no doubt.

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