September 3, 2013

Reminder - Membership Drive

Reposting again:

I'm still trying to reach one of my goals for the year of breaking 100 Followers.  There is on the right hand side a Google Friend Connect button that allows you to follow this blog using a Google, Twitter or Yahoo account.

If you like my blog please consider following.  For a limited time only it's free to follow.  Limited of course meaning always. I'm not like PBS - charging you money to be a member.

If you don't like my blog, consider following anyway.  It might lead to some spirited debate.

If you'd like me to follow your blog back - let me know in the Comments below or you can email me.
UPDATE: I need to repost this as the sign-ups have slowed a bit since I last posted a reminder.  We are making progress but slower than I had hoped.


  1. Nice site. Love the subtle, conservative common sense.
    Please help me break 20!


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