September 12, 2013

Could Arcade Fire's New Video Save (or Kill) MTV?

Arcade Fire has a new video out for their new single.  MTV has moved away from being strictly a music video platform.  It's arguable that music videos offered a lot more to the youth of America than The Jersey Shore.  Should MTV be in the music video business only?  Should TLC be showing Honey Boo Boo?  Ratings drive content and unfortunately nobody wants to know about the fall of Rome and fewer people want to see the latest Katy Perry video on television (they can use Vevo for that) than want to see reality shows about trashy people.  That's a sad commentary on the viewers that drive ratings and hence revenue for television.

Nevertheless, bands still make videos and some of them still want to make waves with their videos.  That doesn't have to be done with scantily clad models or swearing or gunshots.  Here's a behind the scenes look at what might be the worlds first interactive music video.  From a technological perspective this is really cool.  From a standpoint of art, it is inventive.  Will it kill or save MTV?  Probably neither, but that doesn't mean that MTV isn't worth killing or saving.  They've certainly lost their way.

Arcade Fire's new song is called Reflektor.

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