August 8, 2013

Why I won't be seeing Elysium

Here's the trailer for the new sci-fi movie out this summer, Elysium.  Following the video, are the reasons I won't be seeing it and some other thoughts on Hollywood moviemaking.

The movie clearly contains an Occupy Wall Street type message.  It's socialism dressed up as science fiction, meant to inspire young skulls full of mush (not originally a Rush Limbaugh quote) into thinking about the world in progressive terms. 
That aside, it stars Matt Damon who regularly trashes conservatives in a way that I'm sure he thinks is intellectual but is just half a step smarter than most characters played by the equally liberal Woody Harrelson. Damon alone is enough reason to skip this film.
I also suspect that the movie, even on a sci-fi level is going to disappoint.  There is no Matrix moment to be seen in the preview.  And I don't think the movie will be any different.  Not to mention, a simplistic plot really doesn't stir the imagination, which is a big thing for me.  Having seen a lot of films during my lifetime, I can't watch a movie without some unexpected plot twists and far too many of the Hollywood fare these days are formulaic.
So, not seeing it. I'll be watching Breaking Bad's last episodes instead.

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