August 15, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - phoning it in

I'm quite busy in my new day job role so I'm kinda phoning it in this week on the Thursday Hillary bash by re-iterating what The Weekly Standard mentioned on Tuesday.  But  that's okay, because apparently Hillary was phoning it in this week as well.
Here's a hint Hillary, if you are going to talk like you know the history around a slain civil rights leader, do more than just pretend you know.  Do some research first, and for Pete's sake, get the guy's name right. Otherwise it looks like you are talking out of your...hat, and that you don't really know the subject you are talking about. 
In terms of unpreparedness, it reminds me of the complete meltdown during the 2007 Democrat primaries debate where she couldn't get her position straight on the driver's license for illegal immigrants issue.

Major oops.

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