August 26, 2013

Slow news day puts spotlight on Rahm Emanuel

It's a slow news day so far.  Obama is still an awful president.  Egypt is still a mess but it could be waning.  Meanwhile Syria has gotten no better.  Al Gore is still in the climate hucksterism business. The only real new news worth looking at this morning involves, Rahm Emanuel????
There are a bunch of school closings in Chicago and students are forced to walk some scary paths to alternate schools as the city deals with budget shortfalls.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel led the initiative to close schools to help pay down the city’s $1 billion budget deficit, meaning many students are going to new schools. But the first day back comes just a day after one man was shot on one of the routes students will be taking, and a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed near another.
Hey, is that last news item reality setting in on a liberal stronghold?  Rahm may look like the bad guy here but the real culprit is no doubt the massive city deficit and years of pie in the sky liberal spending.

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