August 29, 2013

National Fast Food Strike Exposes the Real Problem

The news about a national fast food strike is front page Occupy Wall Street stuff, except the real headline is going to be being buried in the story.
Via CBS (emphasis added):
Employees of fast food restaurants are striking in cities around the country, bolstered by support from labor unions, churches, and other groups, demanding $15 an hour wages and a greater ability to unionize. Many consumers have complained that the expectations are unreasonable, given the type of work and the skills and drive they assume must be lacking in the workers.

However, government statistics and studies suggest that the common picture of the fast food worker is inaccurate. Not only are relatively few of them teenagers looking for some pocket money while attending school, but the number of adults working in low-paying part-time jobs against their wishes is rapidly growing.
Wasn't the recovery summer in 2009 2010 2011 or something?  The real story is that the unemployment rate recovery under Obama is even more illusory than originally imagined. We assume that the employment situation was worse than the slowly recovering unemployment rate has indicated, but CBS inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag - employment numbers are being underpinned by people doing jobs they are ay overqualified for because they can't find better quality work.
Why isn't that the headline, or at least the thrust of the story? Oh yeah, because this president still gets a free pass.

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