August 15, 2013

Linkaround for some interesting reads

Via SooperMexican - Kris Jenner slams Obama. I don't know whether to applaud or cry.  If it takes Kris Jenner (Kardashian) to refute Obama's attacks on success for a generation of people unaccustomed to hard work, I grieve for the nation.  Then again, at least she's on the right side of this issue.
Via Civil Libertarian - Junkie America.  I'm glad I am not the only one who sees alcohol, prescription pill and illegal drug problems as epidemic in America. 
Via Common Sense and Wonder - Obama's cell phone plan.  All the phones in America are not Obamaphones. So why is the president trying to dictate the market price of cell phone bills?  Because he's drunk with power.  Maybe Civil libertarian should add that to the list of junkie American ailments.
Obama Cartoons asks why a rodeo clown gets banned for donning an Obama mask after all of the similar style of dirt that was thrown at Bush without any consequences.  Lefty crybabies.  VandenBrink has a very direct comparison to a Bush equivalent.
Motivtion Truth carries the link for a discussion at the Smart Girl Summit on minority outreach.  An issue close to my heart on winning new allies by simply defining yourself rather than letting the left do it for you.
Just A Conservative Girl shares a story about an inappropriate dress in church.  To me it is a great example of why communication is important and reinforces the point about outreach in the Motivation Truth post.
The Last Tradition points out a current case where ThinkProgress is thinking about the politics of personal destruction before a candidate has even declared their intention.  It should gives you chills.
Walid Shoebat (Hat Tip Constitution Coalition) wonders if a jailed Muslim Brotherhood member might have the goods on Obama.  What goods could they possibly be I wonder?
Right Speak let's the cat out of the bag - border immigration has come down to catch phrases.  Serious face palm.
What We Think and Why rails against what can only be deemed excessive use of a position of authority on the part of police in a Texas littering stop. The war on drugs (see Civil Libertarian mentioned above) is important but it isn't being fought the right way.  The proof is that it is being lost and it's had some really negative unintended consequences if this sort of police state activity is going to become the norm.

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