August 20, 2013

Digging the Scott Walker

2016 president
I'm digging the Scott Walker.  Dark Horse for president?  I hope so. 
Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey calls out a Scott Walker interview on Morning Joe and points out the real message behind Walker's discussion points: the GOP isn't effective at messaging and communication. I've been arguing this since 2008. Being right is not enough. The message needs to get out there and it needs to be clear, simple, relatable to everyday lives. Anything else will get lost on voters, and twisted in the liberal media.

It isn't enough that Walker is doing the right things, he's winning the war of ideas because he knows how to fight it. He's got governor experience, he's won battles against dug-in political opposition more than once. Right now, I'd take him as a candidate over Chris Christie (for the right ideas), Ted Cruz (for experience), Bobby Jindal (for presence) and Rand Paul (for electability) or Marco Rubio (for consistency). It's not that I can't find things to like about the other candidates I've mentioned (in fact a lot in some cases), but Walker has both a good track record of accomplishment as well as an understanding of the electorate and their perceptions.
It's no longer enough to complain about the media distorting the message - that's a recipe for continued failure. It's not enough to be right about the issues and still lose. Now the GOP must formulate a message that connects with voters and explains their position. Here's the interview Morrissey brings to light;

As Ed points out,
As The Hill points out, Walker’s criticism echoes the more abrasive comment last week from Newt Gingrich that Republicans on Capitol Hill have “zero” alternatives to ObamaCare. Some in the GOP balked at that comment, pointing to a number of proposals Republicans on Capitol Hill have floated over the last four years to the ACA. Walker gets closer to the mark in noting that while Capitol Hill Republicans know this, they haven’t done a very good job in communicating either the specifics of the plans, or the principles of the party.
Success demands that.
It's early and way too early to line up with an individual candidate for president.  But for right now I am digging the Scott Walker.

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