June 20, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - Hero Worship

A lot better than 57 states.
If you don't think Democrats are lining up for a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2016, think again.
Ready for Hillary? You better be.

Just six months into President Obama’s second term, the 2016 coronation for his former rival has begun, and Vice President Biden — ever the bridesmaid, who for three decades has harbored his own presidential hopes — has largely been abandoned by his party. It’s Hillary for president, period.

The super-PAC named Ready for Hillary, designed to “draft her,” has been vacuuming up dollars and big-name endorsements since it formed in January, including loyalists and veterans like James Carville, Harold Ickes and former Rep. Ellen Tauscher (Calif.). Last month, a National Finance Council was created by the political action committee, headed by former White House political director and senior adviser to Bill Clinton Craig Smith. Ready for Hillary is no effort of grassroots groupies but a proudly, unsubtle campaign in waiting.
So there's hero worship happening. That didn't work out so well for the country with president Obama after 2008. But it did work put well for Democrats that year and to a lesser extent again in 2012. They could pull it off again with Hillary. The scary thing is that these people are re-treads from previous election cycles and they should be entirely beatable.

The candidate herself is entirely beatable and that should matter even more. Pointing out the fallacy of hero worship should be a top grassroots effort on the right over the next 36 months. Hillary Clinton is not some unbeatable icon. Obama himself proved that and there's no need to fear her candidacy IF the right starts weakening her underpinnings sooner rather than later.  

A good place to start might be Benghazi. Push hard enough and maybe in an effort to save his legacy, we might get Obama to throw her under the bus.  Wait too long and it won't matter.  Maybe that's why all these scandals mysteriously sprang up when there started to be smoke on the Benghazi scandal.

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