June 9, 2013

The face of the NSA Prism leak: Edward Snowden

The Guardian has been brilliant in its slow roll of the NSA leak scandal.  Today, with the express permission of the leaker, they released a few pieces on his identity.  The big reveal is the video.  The shock is that he has gone public with his identity at all.

Setec Astronomy. Sneakers come to life.
Click the link above to watch the video.  It's important to watch, whether you believe him or partially believe him or not at all.

UPDATE: Video embedded below.

It's a fascinating watch.  Whether it changes the direction of the debate over remains to be seen. It certainly will change the course of events. Does the NSA go after Snowden?  What about the interviewer Glen Greenwald? Is Snowden an Occupy Wall Street type? Or did he vote for the Libertarian party in 2008?  Is he a plant by the NSA to distract from the real search for the leak? Will he be extradited from China?  Is he a communist sympathizer for that matter? What about Booz Allen - who are they and what do they do for the NSA?

And if this guy claims there are no secrets that can be kept from the government, why does he have no Facebook Page?  The government knows all about him already anyway and he planned all along on going public, so the need to be secretive is lost on me.

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  1. There is a interesting article on Trevor Loudon's website about Greenwald's association with Marxist/socialist groups. Also, the timing of this leak is certainly suspect - or maybe I'm just paranoid. I do know that the leaks and scandals are just the very tip top of the iceberg about what is really going on in this country. Wake up America.


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