June 26, 2013

Supremely confused

The Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. It is easily arguable that this is not a conservative court. A lot of people will be making that argument today.  I am not hopping on that pile today.
However while it is legally understandable that if gay couples are allowed to marry, it is less arguable that marriage should have its definition changed to fit the times.  Churches are not being forced to perform marriages that do not fit their belief systems (or synagogues or mosques).

But church goers are now being forced to subsidize tax, and health benefits for those who do not share their definition of marriage - the common, historical definition.

It is the same as Obamacare requiring Catholic hospitals to provide birth control if they want continued government funding.

This will bring states' rights back into focus.

The Supreme Court is extremely confusing of late. With another Obama term and a possible Hillary term  following it could get far worse for a long time.

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