June 7, 2013

Rush: They are still blaming Bush

Rush Limbaugh correctly calls liberals to task for blaming Bush, yet again, for Obama's mistakes:
We have in the Obama administration -- there's nobody even close to the violation of privacy and civil liberties, nobody even close. They can talk about Bush here, but nobody compares to what Obama's done. In fact, folks, as you know, I read the tech blogs.... And in all these tech blogs, they just love Obama.

They have bought the myth. They drink the Kool-Aid that Obama's the greatest civil libertarian, that Obama's into privacy, that Obama's just the greatest liberal that's ever been -- and they can't believe this. They just can't believe that Obama would do this! They hated Bush for doing this! They can't believe that Obama did this. I don't expect this to change anything, but our buddy Ron Fournier has this Verizon story with the NSA monitoring.

It's not monitoring. What they're doing is this: They have demanded that, for three months, Verizon turn over the records of every phone call, what is called the "metadata."...

...There's nothing like this that has ever happened. And the media, they just can't believe it, either. So our buddy Ron Fournier writes: "Welcome to the Bush-Obama White House -- They're Spying on Us."

Welcome to "the Bush-Obama Era..." Whose name is first in this story? Bush! And it's not just Ron Fournier. It's all over. F. Chuck Todd at NBC says this is all Bush's fault. If Bush hadn't been the guy that started this, Obama and Holder would not be doing it themselves. (I kid you not.) "Welcome to the era of Bush-Obama, a 16-year span of US history that will be remembered for an unprecedented erosion of civil liberties and a disregard for transparency...

They think they are Obama. They think they're the same culture, the same education, the same value system, the same pedigree, the same worldview, the same age. All of it! They think they are Obama, and they wouldn't do anything like this. So it has to be some hidden, sinister force that is tugging Obama in this direction that's totally against his own instincts -- and it has to be that Bush paved the way to make it possible!
Rush is absolutely right about this.  As theses scandals continue to spill out of the White House, the left is going to run out of excuses.  They have already gotten to the point of complete lameness.

Benghazi - nothing was wrong, this is just a lunatic right wing conspiracy to get Obama and/or Clinton

IRS persecution of conservative groups - we are outraged and we will fix it.

The Justice Department versus the media - it was necessary for national security (specifics will not shared)

The Prism program spying on everyone in America - blame Bush

And as each of these scandals become more involved and more is revealed the rationalizing and excuses will expand and change over time.  They will get weaker and weaker and less intelligible. They will become, in a word, laughable.

What's next on the scandal parade?  I think there's a money scandal to come. Just a hunch.

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