June 8, 2013

NEXT: The WalMart president

The next president will have an agenda that he or she will not be able to focus on, at least for their first term.  Unless it's Hillary Clinton.  The next president will be consumed, for several years doing what I refer to as being the WalMart president.  They will be responsible for doing rollbacks.  WalMart's advertising quite often focuses on price rollbacks.  The next president will be responsible for rolling back so much of what the current president has done, they will be too busy to enact their own agenda.  The over-reach has permeated everything - the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, Obamacare  for example - that it needs to be rolled back, aggressively.  Of course if it's Hillary Clinton running things, she may just decide to build upon the over-reach   started by this president (remember Hillarycare? Same mindset as Obama).  Otherwise, it has to be a priority if you want America to live up to its original promise.

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