June 7, 2013

Meanwhile U6 unemployment remains high

Under the radar

The BLS released the latest unemployment statistics for May of 2013.  The dull news, the U3 unemployment rate rose modestly from 7.5% to 7.6%.  The other dull news, the U6 unemployment rate - the one that represents, underemployed and those who have given up looking for employment - moved from 13.4% in April to 13.4% in May.  In other words it went nowhere. Yes it's dull, but it's dull in that it remains terrible and there's no good news.

Nothing this president does works except getting himself elected.  We hear about soft landing recessions, but this has to be the softest recovery takeoff ever.  This is Obama's economy except that he has yet to actually pivot to it like he always says he will.

It's evident he doesn't care about real economic recovery for the middle class.  Just like it's clear he doesn't care to be bothered with Muslim extremism or anything that is off-agenda for him.  If it's about growing government he's all in, otherwise it;s just a waste of his time.

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