June 19, 2013

Is Lindsey Graham the worst Republican ever?

He's got a lot of competition from Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, and even the likes of Scott Brown - all RINO Republicans.  But they all tend to have an excuse - they are or were in blue, Democrat states and had to be as mildly Republican as they could possibly be in order to have a shot at election or re-election.  Even then, it didn't always work for them - see Scott Brown for example, losing his re-election bid to a woman who had no business winning in Massachusetts or anywhere.  Lindsey Graham has no such excuse.  His home state of South Carolina was a deeper red than Mitt Romney. And there's John McCain who is no slouch when it comes to being a faux Republican.

Yet Graham's out there time and again talking about Republicans permanently losing relevance or in the middle of the bitter Tea Party versus Obamacare debate wanting to work with the president. He's out there fighting for capitulation on immigration.  And then there's this:

Of course there's always Richard Nixon he can point to as worse.

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